We offer many years of international professional experience in the following areas

Sales, customer service and training.

About us

Customer service, maintenance, organisation or execution of installation and commissioning are one of our core businesses. With large experience, we offer professional support for installations or the assumption of installation management. Through our global network we are also able to organize and use local resources.

We have a well trained and experienced customer service team. At our disposal are professional equipments to execute all needed Jobs in our fields. Our force has several language skills and experience in different cultures all over the world. We take over representations/agencies of national and international companies in the fields of plant and mechanical engineering for the territory of Switzerland and the neighbouring regions.         

As representation we offer:

  • Customer After Sales Service
  • Customer Advisory Service
  • Sales force for Systems / Spare parts / Services
  • Spare parts warehouse

The area of "training" is another core competence of our company. Nowadays, training is crucial for positive customer contact and sales success. The employees are the business card of the company. Our seminars are designed to as practical as possible. The needs of our customers are central and are integrated.

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